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By Ayeotan Shola

Here’s a take on the five cues when you should walk out of that relationship…

“When we met, it was fireworks. Everything seemed awesome, until we bickered like enemies. And then that’s all we would do. It was bickering, sex and bickering again. The love was over,” says 27-year-old software engineer Vivek Francis. It happens! The honeymoon phase moves on to either a fairytale ending or bitterness; and when it turns sour instead of being hunky dory, you know it has turned into a panic relationship. It is common to be in a phase as such, when all that goes on is unacceptable between a couple, but if that just doesn’t end, it’s time you end it for good.

Keep reading for the signs we’ve jotted down as to when you must part ways amicably before you are willing to strike swords on each other.

1. The non-existent partner: “Hey, when do we meet your special someone?” That question is followed by a cold ‘someday…soon’ response from you, after which you quickly think how to change the topic, never to discuss your partner again. When you’re not very happy to introduce your partner with your close circle of friends, and are happy to flaunt an ‘I am Single’ tag for a better catch; it’s time you part ways.

2. Anti trust treaty: When sharing money/introducing a friend who you think is way better than you, are matters that get you to think twice, it clearly shows there’s no trust between your partner and you. If you have no faith in your boy/girlfriend with things like money, other people, the two of you are not meant to be with each other. Get a sign, it’s time to move on.

3. Fight, fight, fight! Ask yourself, “When was the last time I spent quality time with my partner?” If you struggle to find an answer for the same, but you clearly remember the quarrels the two of you have, you know you’ve got to take a break from each other. Constant fights signal an unhealthy relationship.

3. It’s okay to hook up: Have you ever contemplated cheating on your partner? If the thought has made you happy, there’s something terribly wrong with your relationship. It clearly shows you have no real feelings for the other person and you are willing to disrespect your relationship just for the thrill of it. If you’ve already cheated on them, we ask you to stand up and face the tide, tell the person the truth and walk out of the relationship. If you haven’t, just spare the other person some drama, and bid adieu for their good.

4. No future whatsoever: If all you can think of is ‘this is a fling’, but pretend to your partner that you’re serious, we think it’s unfair and you should just let it be. Now, if you’re just new in the relationship, but have already carved out a timeline for the same (including how long should I date, and when do I end it), we think you must end it now.

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