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Valentine’s Day is often looked upon as a chance to do romantic things to make up for the rest of the time when you take each other for granted. Yes, it may sound cheesy or unrealistic to say that we could be loving, affectionate, show appreciation, be attentive and sensitive to each other all year long, but isn’t it what being together is meant to be about?

 Why not use this Valentine’s Day to prepare ‘ME’, so you can be a good ‘WE’ together; like have great ‘we’ moments together sexually.

Take a few minutes and list all the endearing qualities of your partner, then list all the ways they deserve more from you, being really honest and lastly commit to noticing how you treat your partner, making a conscious choice to be even nicer.

Then you can plan out on how to have a good sex together today. Guess what? Its a weekend, no excuses! You have all the chance to show your spouse the stuff you are made of on bed. Make her want and yearn for your warmth everyday of her life.


Everyone loves sex, and we’re not knocking the traditional missionary style or the hush hush kind of sex, that is so boring and unexciting.

Sometimes the daily or bi-weekly sex routine or timetable starts to lose the excitement and you want to try something fresh. Some crazy sex positions may look intimidating at first, but with a bit of practice you’ll be glad you stepped over into the wild side!

There is this funky position called ‘roasted chicken’. Just like the name sounds, you know quite well how a chicken would look like when roasted.  You can’t deny that you haven’t seen a roasted chicken before, even if you haven’t how about a frozen chicken. You are familiar with the way its wings and legs are raised up in totally submission to the butcher. Yea! That’s just the way you need to raise your partner to slam into her and make her feel all of you into her.

Hey! I haven’t said, ‘Go’. You need to have a very romantic moments before ‘digging’.

Start by at least coping americans, I know we are more of core Nigerians but we can at least tap some romantic tips from our white guys who are more of lords in cool romance.

Light a few candles around the bath tub and to add some excitement. Tell him/her that you’re planning to sex them up in the tub. You can even add champagne or wine to the mix and you see things getting started effortlessly.

If you aren’t comfortable with that, or you don’t have the luxury, you can do the Kitchen wonders.

It is an exciting place to cook some love and action. Try baking your partner’s favourite cookies / cake or any other recipe in a sexy set of shorts and a t-shirt; lean over the counter for some cleavage view to get his attention. Don’t be afraid to be aggressive with your partner, they’ll love it for sure.

You can start by little fingering while she cooks. You can as well flirt and play her nipples and let your one-eyed Anaconda, keep nodding and spiiting in desirous hunger to get into her wet beneath.

Have you heard of ‘RainDrops of love’?- Rain is sexy to begin with, so sex in the rain has to be amazing. If you get caught in the rain with your guy/girl, find a building to duck behind or a nearby park to indulge in some spontaneous loving. You can create your own rain in the shower. Try giving each other a ‘blow job’ under the shower’s drizzle. Suck your partner till he begs you to enter the ‘place’. Then you do a quickie doggie, while the shower is still on. I bet, you wouldn’t want to leave the bathroom afterwards.

Have your tried sex on your car before? Hmmmm…some have, while some others haven’t. You can as well try that out today.

This is not the most legal thing to do, but days that you’re stuck in traffic it could be great fun time too. However, if you’re busted it could be all bad! But viewership always heightens pleasure so a taxi could be a ton of fun, if you’re both into it. That’s would be so daring, I bet you. But you can just agree to sneak out into your parked car to have a quick one at the back seat; just for the fun and pleasure. The fear of being caught is part of the fun and excitement. Yea! I have tried that, and would want to do it again.

The way I was banged in there, I thought I would explode, because the tyres helped me bounce up and down to the rhythm of his thrust.

Another style I know you would enjoy and find more relaxing is the ‘hands on the wall’ posture.  Just like the name implies also, this position is very simple and could be adopted by all sundry in order to achieve an awesome time out with your sex partner.

Most women also prefer it because it gives room for the fully penetration of the sugar stick deep inside her honey pot. The men also have a greater reason to salivate for that style because while the women is bended from her waist region shooting her buttocks out, it enables the anxious man to insert all his manliness into his partner without any form of obstacle.

It’s more like a one way road, without traffic or pot holes. Your partner would have a chance to have you ramming her all through and at same time playing with her boobs and clitoris at same time.

At a point, you can slide your sugar stick out, play with it around her walls, before slowly and gently entering her again; do it slow and steady.

Do some of these, all and lots more and I bet you, your partner will always crave to have you fully his/ her sexual pleasure, day and night; in Val and ordinary days.

*Note* Don’t forget to extend the love to mother less babies homes, the less privileged  or the old people home, which ever one you chose, show them some love. We all need love in our lives to excel.

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