I Wrote My Best Songs In The Toilet, Reveals Ebenezer Obey – Entertainment Express

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As he recently turned the age of 73, Juju maestro, Ebenezer Obey has been reflecting on his illustrious career.

Obey clocked the ripe age on Friday April 3 and celebrated it privately with his church members and a few family friends.

When asked about how he conceptualize his songs, the veteran singer disclosed that his best songs in the quietude of the toilet.

“As I said, it is the gift of God. I value my quietness so much and the best times that I get inspiration is when I’m in the toilet. That is the time that I’m left alone free of phone calls, visits by people and friends and all engagement. It is at this time that I compose my songs. That is when I get inspiration the most to write songs and now get into my studio to record them. That is why my best moment is when I am left alone and left to ponder and meditate on God’s word. I cherish when I am alone, me and God alone,” he said.

“It’s by God’s grace. No man can attain anything by himself alone. I give thanks to God almighty for his mercies. I celebrated 72 years a year ago and I’m adding another year to me. It can only be by the magnificent grace of God as no man can add a cubit to his life. God has been good to me and has been good to my family as well. All that I achieved in life is by his help and I owe God all that I have done in life and the good name that I have made. So I have decided that for the rest of my life, I’ll serve God more and be closer to him. Being 73 means that I’ve got to take life easy as my outlook on life has changed and now there is nothing I want to really achieve again other than to please my God, my maker.”

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