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Nigerians who are eagerly expecting President Muhammadu Buhari to name his ministers may have to wait until after two months says a presidency source.

Making these known to reporters at the weekend, the source was reacting to  the president’s slow take-off in appointing key actors of government.

Vanguard quoted the source who said that Buhari was very determined not to build his government on a “very rotten foundation.”

“You cannot even begin to imagine the situation we have met on the ground,” the source who has unfettered access to the president and is one of those presently working with him behind the scenes said.

“Almost everything is in a state of decay. There is absolutely no way the new government can hope to achieve anything long-lasting without first building a new foundation.”

“President Buhari’s plan of action will be likened to that of a doctor who first has to break a poorly set bone afresh, before resetting it to allow for smooth and proper growth.”

Responding to criticism that the president failed to make good use of the period after the election and even one month after his inauguration to put shape to his government, the source said it would be difficult to appoint personnel to offices that no one for now knows would exist or be scrapped.

The source explained further, “The president plans to cut down the number of ministries and parastatals. He wants to cut down the cost of running government. He wants to make sure that all the loopholes that enable corruption to thrive are blocked. All these are procedures that require time and careful planning. You cannot do it in a rush.”

Rebuffing suggestions that the activities of government have been grounded by the failure to appoint ministers, the close associate of the president described it as an act of blackmail from politicians including those from the president’s All Progressives Congress, APC, who want to be fast-tracked into government.

“All these reports and agitations are being fuelled by politicians who want to put pressure on the President,” he said. “They have tried doing it other ways and those haven’t worked. Now, they are trying to use the media. They only want their cronies appointed to ministerial posts anyhow, and they are fuelling the agitation through newspapers.”

The source also noted the crisis in the National Assembly and the adjournment of the Senate till July 21 as another reason why ministers may not be appointed in the next few weeks.

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