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By Abiodun Ayeni

 Since the news  about the illness of one of nollywood’s popular actress,Tonto Dikeh,broke out up till late,well-wishes,prayers and regards have been pouring out from faithful fans and lovers of this beautiful nollywood diva.

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Expressng brings you some of the numerous expressions of love this diva has been receiving from fans….see remarks!

Kaycee Adums.
bridginggap@yahoo.comTonto my sis, I hold unto the words of your prayer up there. You are neither exempted, nor isolated from that prayer. That’s a proclamation of faith that you have there and I join you in that effective faith to make it come through. I don’t care about what you call your current situation, but I see it; a process of getting back to your feet with every firmness because you, a daughter of Zion is already healed.
What you pass through now, is merely a way via your greatness.
The doctors may have given their reports, but the Report of the Master I have with my heart for you.
THIS IS YOUR MIRACLE FOR BY HIS STRIPES, You, Tonto Dike IS TOTALLY HEALED in Jesus’ Name Amen! Amen!! Amen!!!

ifedoyin Nothing is impossible for God. My mind cried today when I heard. Abt ur health and I Google. It to knw if it rumors but it’s true but I know God that I serve that HE will perform miracle in ur life in Jesus Name

Mouri Thomas Félix look at your past life. confess your sins to God, ask him to forgive you in Jesus name and promise Him to not return to what you have confessed. He will deliver you.

akinbade adepeju In every situation let give thanks to God, he’s ur maker and he is a wonderful God, never loose hope ur miracle is on d way.

Richliana Dominic Ekpo Please get well soon my dearest Tonto

Benson alas promise No matter what what happen, tonto never give up. We the ikwere people will keep on praying for you. Get well soon pretty

nkem burns(chidimma’s mum) Tonto dearest I profesy psalm 138:8…GOD will perfect all that concern your health because you are the work of GODs haandiwork in JESUS MIGHTY NAME AMEN….you will not die!!!

roxy God will heal you and when he does, repent place Co’s you are not d owner of d world nor your lives

Precious Tonto get well soon pls

Cindy with God all things are possible so kip ur faith alive

Benedicta Thus says the Lord, you will and not Die, to declare the word of God upon your life.

olamide Get well soon dearie

glory the lord is ur strength my role model just believe that u are healed cos the bible said by his stripes you are praying for u dear, lots of love.

Mary Mwita dear tonto we love you all.rem God says call unto me n i will show you wonderful things that you dont..receive healing in jesus name..quick recovery.

Ethel Nkumba Tonto get well very soon may the good Lord be with you in whatever u do and wherever you go

Funmi Tonto dear just pray to God to heal u nd we ur fans will also pray for u! You will be healed IJN,Amen!

Jerry My dear sorry about your plight, I want to encourage you not to worry about the doctors report, God has sent his only begotten son Jesus christ who died in your place. Christ died for you while you are yet a sinner, He paid the full price for your redemption and freedom. He is saying come unto me all ye that labour and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. He said come and let us reason together says the Lord, no matter your sins be scarlet they shall be as white as as snow, no matter they be red like crimson they shall be as wool. Except a man be born again he can not see the kingdom of God. Seek first the kingdom of God and its righteousness and every other thing shall be added unto you. It is not His will that any man should perish but that all should come to repentance. Jesus is knocking now at your door, open your heart now and receive Him. Acknowledge and confess your sins before Him, and accept Him as your Lord and personal saviour. He will save you and forgive you and heal you of all your infirmities. As you seek the Lord sincerely you not regret because you did obeyed. I am also praying for you, God bless you.

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Lika dear wil healer you just have faith in him.

diamond My role model I love u buh God loves u most, by de power in de name of Jesus u re healed IJN Amen

prosper He sent his word and healed their desases that is God words for you

ifeoluwatitilayo D doctor are only trying,is Allah dat heal,d doctor may say dere own statement,but bliv dat dere is ntin d almighty cnnot do,bliv in thee!dat Allah is d healer!!!!by d grace of Allah u shall be heal!no matter d sickness!u shall be heal,during dis month of Ramadan u shall be heal by God grace (amin)

prince mich c philips Hi tonto, u r healed in jesus name!

mo zero I belive every sickness has. a. Solution I no u will live long to keep us busy by acting p I heall u in jesus name

Nworah Nothing Shall By Any Means Hurt U Sis Tonto, U Will Live To Testify The Great Miracle Of God In Ur Life. Amen! See U Soon On D Screen Doing Ur Thing.

perp Get well dear…God will see ya tru

George Whatever is the affliction God will surely deliever u just bliv and remain steadfast .love u

darl Get well soon sister

destiny cole be fine my gel.

Asabe Nkiru Onyeka Tonto love, only God can say how long you have to live. I reject the doctors whatever… God will surely show you that He loves you and that He is God. You are healed in the name of Jesus.By His stripes, you are healed. Love you.

vica josh hi tonto God is ur straight jst believe in him …… I knw surly he wil touch ur soul ok

Miranda Hi Tonto so sad to hear you are unwell may God touch you and heal you may anything or anyone raising a hand against your life slap themselves in Jesus Name I don’t know what you are passing through or why you said what you have said but I pray for you : every dry bone in your life receive fire receive the blood of Jesus receive fire x3 in Jesus Name.Amen!

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