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The 18-months-old marriage of popular Nigerian radio personality, television host and vlogger, Toke Makinwa to Maje Ayida is in troubled waters.

Today reports made it known that Maje Ayida has impregnated his former girlfriend, Anita Solomon and she is currently in the UK to deliver their baby.

This news has made ‘Toke’ the number one trending topic on Twitter Nigeria. While some of her fans are very angry with her husband for impregnating an ex, some called out the vlogger who vlogs mostly about topics on how to keep hold of your man.

But no one knows about the woman behind it all.

ExpressNg Brings you quick facts about Anita Solomon, the woman whom this whole controversy is revolving around.

*Anita Solomon has a mixed blood, She is Half Lebanese and half Calabar.

*She is a practicing lawyer

* she also runs a beauty parlor on the side in Calabar, Cross Rivers State.

* She has been Maje’s Side chick for the past 8years.

* Insiders have it that her Multimillion naira Beauty Parlor which was opened sometime last year was solely sponsored by Maje Ayida.

* She is currently estranged from her family as they her angry over the fact that she would choose to get pregnant for Him after ditching her to marry someone else.

* She is on an all-expenses-paid trip by Maje Ayida to the UK to have thier love child.

*She loves to exercise and Toke’s husband is a fitness instructor too. so its not difficult to see how they had no qualms about hooking up again.

This is the short Bio she wrote about herself On Her Social Media Page:

I am a highly motivated individual, who is interested in trying out new things. I am a Lawyer, an avid reader and writer and I’m here to stay and be a successful internet marketer.

I started working online a few months ago and though I am no expert I am learning from one of the best programs. Since I found this opportunity I like to share and I am available to help others find a place making money on the internet.

I believe in the power of our Lord Jesus Christ and I believe that with his love all things are possible. Oh really?! Lmao!

I love to be in shape so I exercise as often as possible and I love dogs, nature, natural healing and going green. I love the earth.

See Her Pictures below.


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