Caitlyn Jenner To Quit Reality TV Show After ‘I Am Cait’ Flopped

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By Pina Peters

As reported by the Hollywood Gossip, Caitlyn Jenner is set to quit her TV reality show ‘I Am Cait’ after it obviously flopped in the face of recent happenings.

Unfortunately, I Am Cait received disappointing ratings, and there were even rumors of a midseason cancelation that would’ve been tremendously embarrassing for Caitlyn

The show rallied a bit toward the end of its debut run, thanks in part to the much-hyped first meeting between Caitlyn and Kris Jenner.

“There are talks with Caitlyn and Candis Cayne, as well as a few of their friends, for a new upcoming show, and E! should have something solid in place after the fall season,” a source close to the show tells Radar Online

Unexpectedly good news for Caitlyn, but the insider says she’s told execs that she needs “a breather” from reality TV and is planning an indefinite hiatus.

“I Am Cait really pushed Caitlyn farther away from her family than she had ever wanted,” says the source. “Every single one of Caitlyn’s children are so glad that the show is finally off the air and that it is over.”

Insiders claim Caitlyn is deeply divided on the issue, as another season could be great for her career – or it might be a horrible embarrassment that could tear her family apart.

At the end of the day, of course, Caitlyn is a Jenner, so we’re guessing she’ll be on board as long as she thinks she’ll have an audience.

Source: The Hollywood Gossip

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