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In line with the digital revolution presently hitting the music industry worldwide, popular streaming service, 9janimi Channel has beefed up its services with trendy features. This, its management says, is to meet up with the growing demand for online music content.

According to the founder of the platform, Soltesh Iyere, this has become necessary to provide better services for its teeming subscribers.

Commenting on the latest move, Iyere said that with the new platform, 9janimi, a street slang for ‘I Am Nigerian’, now come with new features such as (insert new features here).

Restating its commitment to paying artistes royalties, Iyere said that the new site has been positioned as a more competitive and user friendly platform.

 “We needed to suspend our activities for a while to bring our subscribers and new users this mobile friendly platform. It is our desire to help the Nigerian government bring piracy to its knees and this is one of the ways we are contributing to the music industry. With our new platform, subscribers are assured of their privacy along with so many other exciting features we are bringing,” Iyere said.

The management of the platform had promised to pay royalties to artistes. The 9janimi Channel had been described as an alternative to popular streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. With its new management, the platform lets independent artists keep 75% of the proceeds through its “Fair Trade Streaming” agreement.

“The Media 360 Company, owners of 9janimi Channel, originally projected the streaming service as an alternative to the music industry through which they could directly distribute their music to music fans and lovers. 9janimi Channel offers two tiers for customers, and streaming on the Web and on iOS and Android,” Iyere added.

He also adds that the streaming service was originally announced about a year ago, after a couple of years of being operated a music channel, but for some reasons it was delayed and now a streaming service has risen to pay artists royalties.

“It’s not clear yet how large 9janimi Channel’s music catalog is, or how well it will do, though it’s sure to resonate with artists who are finding the models used by Spotify and others as unfairly stripping them of much of their earnings,” Iyere added.


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