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Christopher and Ruth met during their JAMB coaching classes eleven years ago. They hit it off and the usual love banter started. Though there were times when their relationship had challenges especially in their university days which caused them to go off and on at one point in time or the other. Yet, they still decided to get married to each other last year when Christopher eventually made up his mind that they should settle down since it was now obvious that he could comfortably take care of an additional mouth.

Right now, the wedding preparation is expected to be in top gear because they already have a tentative date towards the end of this year but the challenge is that Ruth is a very strong member of one religious organisation different from that of Christopher’s. And one of their bylaws is that they won’t bless or support any of their strong members who wouldn’t marry anyone from that same religious setting as theirs.

Ruth is not willing to leave that setting because that’s where she had been all her life, so she is not comfortable with any other sect. There is this type of firm grip the setting has got on her because of the relief she got from it during some of her most life threatening issues while growing up. Meanwhile, Christopher was willing to port to her side because to him, it doesn’t make any difference as it was one God but different centres. But the problem is that he wouldn’t be able to abandon his own setting as the only child whom his father has been bringing up to take over from him as the founder.

This doesn’t look simple at all as it has the tendency to threaten the labour of eleven years both have sown into the relationship. Please what do you think can be done to resolve this? Kindly drop your comments in the comment box.

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