Many Big Names In Nigeria Buy My Sex Toys- Bisi Ibidapo Obe – Entertainment Express

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Controversial Nollywood actress, Bisi Ibidapo Obe, who recently took a break from acting to concentrate on her personal business has revealed that lots of big and influential people in Nigeria are the regular customers of her booming sex shop.

The actress who is well known for her daring outspoken nature revealed so in a recent interview with The Sun Newspapers.

According to the single mother of one, ‘A lot of people patronise me. I have married people, young people and adults. Two weeks after the opening of the shop, a couple came requesting for a vibrator. The reason was that the husband wanted to travel abroad to study for a while. And it wasn’t that he didn’t trust his wife, they just wanted to have their own vibrator at home. I must say that Nigerians are not in tune with this business, unlike in the Western world where they see running a sex toy shop as no big deal. I sell a lot of things here. It is not a must that you buy a vibrator because we have so many sex toys aside vibrators. I don’t want to mention names but a lot of big names in this country patronise us. The way people are taking it; one would think I am selling hard drugs and guns. We also sell throw pillows, lingerie, perfumes, and body spray for adult and chil­dren of both sexes. The basic point is that it is not a strictly sex toy shop. However, I see no big deal in running a sex toy shop.”

She also said that one of the few things she prays for this year, is to get married and settle down and also wish to have her own house.

“I pray that by God’s special grace, in this New Year, I will settle down, I will get married and have my own family. I will also build my own house. After all, I still stay in a rented apartment, but I know my God will do it for me. When and how He wants to do it, I don’t know but I know that He will surely do it in 2015. Also, my fans should watch out for my latest movie.”

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