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By Biodun Ayeni

Controversial South African Pastor, Penuel Mnguni  has once again turned attention to himself after he allegedly prayed Snake Spirit  into a female church member.

Penuel Mnguni is the founder of the End Times Disciples Ministries Church In South Africa.

He had also recently made some claims about how he commanded  “the spirit of gay” to possess a male member of his congregation.

Here is what happened, as reported by the church’s Facebook page:

All night prayer (2015/08/21)

Demonstration of God’s Power

During the service the man of God Prophet Penuel commanded the Spirit of Snake to enter One of the Congregants, Sister Naomi from Soshanguve (Ext 1). She began to manifest as the Snake and the man of God commanded the Spirit of Snake to come out. The Woman was set Free. We have the Power to control every Kingdoms without being possessed, for we are raised above all (Colossians 3)

To God be the Glory

“The man of God commanded the sheep to come to the front & he started demonstrating power through them. He first commanded the spirit of a snake to enter into them and commanded the spirit to show its character in them. They started moving like snakes and behaving like snakes. He then sent them to go to Nigeria and they started to speak like Nigerians. He further demonstrated by sending them into the water and commanded them to swim.

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