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Although music diva, Muma Gee is now reunited with her actor hubby, Prince Eke however, his about 11 days in the kidnappers den in Rivers State did not pass without taking a serious toll on his family. The actor’s songstress wife, Muma Gee recounted how she battled to secure her husband’s release

He was kidnapped on Saturday, December 5 along the Owerri-Port Harcourt road while on his way from a movie set in Asaba.

ExpressNG caught up with the Port Harcourt-based mother of a set of twins who spoke about the disturbing experience.

ExpressNG: How would you describe the almost two weeks experience of not knowing the whereabouts of the father of your lovely twins?

Muma GEE: I did not know the where about of my hubby from Saturday to Monday evening when his phones were turned off and I declared him missing to his family members because that was too unusual. My hubby hardly stays two hours and not call to checkup on us. By Monday evening, the abductors called my line demanding for 15 million naira or they bury him alive by Thursday. When I noticed they called with my hubby’s line, I cut the call (making it look like a network problem) and quickly contacted a private tracker who helped me tracked their location to Ubima forest but that wasn’t enough, I prayed for day to break fast to swing into action.

After a sleepless night, as early as possible I headed to the office of a highly rated security authority in Nigeria after being warned not to involve the police by the kidnappers when they called. The phone line was also tracked to the same forest and I was told that if I want them to invade the forest to rescue him, it would be 50/ 50 chance of survival for my hubby. And it would be even more traumatic to know where he was but realize later that I couldn’t bring him out. So I had to play to play along until authorities can take action. When one of the blogs published that I decline when asked if I reported to the police, I laughed at them. They expected me to say I contacted the police so that abductors could shoot my hubby in the forest. That experience is what I can’t even wish my enemy.

ExpressNG: How is your hubby recovering and what steps were taken for treatment?

Muma GEE: At the moment, he is still undergoing treatment at a private in Port Harcourt.

Tests showed that he lost a lot of blood through the cut on his head and forehead. Speedy recovery is what we wish though I know that he is a strong person.

Muma GEE: Did you have any fear that you will never see him again?

Muma Gee: No. There was no time that I lost faith in the God that I serve in truth and in spirit that he would bring my hubby back. The only painful part was how. I didn’t know. Especially, the amount involved N15 million.

ExpressNG: Can you replay the scene of your reunion with your hubby. What was going through your mind?

Muma GEE: I couldn’t help but burst into tears . He was looking like the Bible description of King Nebuchadnezzar who lived in the forest for a year. He had dry blood all over him. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

ExpressNG: What advice do you have for other celebrities as well as security agencies?

Muma GEE: My advice for other celebrities is to be careful, never trust again like we use to and avoid lonely routes. As for the security agencies, they should purge themselves of untrustworthy officers as they serve as informants to these kidnappers. They should be very vigilant. The Federal Government should also lend her support to all the security agencies by empowering them with sophisticated arms because these abductors use very serious guns if not they wouldn’t have over powered my hubby according to him.

ExpressNG: Any last words from you?

Muma GEE: Please permit me to use to medium to thank my husband’s brothers Barr. Kingsley Eke and Eze Eke and the rest of the family for all the effort they put in for the release of my husband. My gratitude to Rev. and Pastor (mrs ) Joy Azaka and the entire members of Overcomers Christian Centre International (OCCI ) and the general public for their prayers.



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