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I was having a discussion with some group of people few days back on issues that bother on marriage. In the midst of our gist, someone mentioned to me how she had to go out of her way to learn the art of lap dancing basically because of her husband. Though I know about lap dancing but confined to club houses in my thought. Immediately she mentioned it, my attention was completely caught (perhaps due to the fact that the lady in question belong to the same religious group as I am) and I began to think nothing stops women at home to go out of their comfort zone at times. Woman, not all men are the same. If you have an adventurous husband, it is better you use your hips and curves for him at home than for another chick to sweep him off his feet somewhere else. So I decided to do a write up about it for women. Who says you can’t learn a new thing in as much as it keeps your husband glued to you?

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Lap dance is a special kind of erotic or sexual dance performed by a wife on her husband’s laps. Lap dance is not only for night clubs just as condoms is not only meant for some set of people neither is it an everyday dance but can be used as a gift on special occasions like wedding anniversary, his job promotion, for his success in a professional exam and so on. It is practically aimed at improving your sex life by twisting your bodies in a unique way that seduces your man to get him to anticipate and desire your body.

If you are looking for a different way to put a spark in your bedroom activities, then lap dance is the way to go, and for him to enjoy it there are some guidelines to follow as enumerated below:
•    Men, most times do not really do well with some kind of surprises that are off the hook. In order not to spoil your plan, begin with a seductive chat with him before he gets home on your device or through text messages or email. This is to wet his appetite, preparing him emotionally for a pleasant surprise but don’t ever disclose your exact idea in order not to ruin your plans.

•     You are the one in charge and the intention is to make your hubby hungry for you, you need to carefully choose your costume which should be a blend of what he will like to see on you with whatever makes you feel hot and sexy. Your sexy lingerie, bum-shot, camisole pant, bra, lacey knee-length gown, transparent night gown and so much more are supposed to be easy to manipulate while you perform your dance. Don’t select what will be too tight and difficult to slip out of like those with zips and buttons at the back. A shirt with front buttons can be a very sexy and convenient piece to work with.

•    Another important aspect is your music selection. You don’t have to use songs with lewd lyrics to get your man under your control, remember, you are not a prostitute! Set aside various cool songs to play over a period of time that can get both of you in the mood so that you are not under pressure to finish up. Loud and high pitched songs with sonorous vocalists might need to be avoided because of distraction if you really want a romantic evening but then, they must be songs from genre that you love dancing to which keep you alive.

•    You are definitely going to need space, do prepare the room. If you have to move anything that could constitute barrier, please do. The idea is to get you a space to move around and explore your body. If you have to dim the light, please do but some men may not like dimmed lights. You have to work with whatever will make your plan work by creating a sexy atmosphere for the two of you.

•    Lastly, you can’t have all these in place and you will not get your body ready! The body odor could be a huge turn-off if you are not careful. Having a good shower with his kind of perfume could set him on fire right from the word go.

After you must have put all these things in place, now the main show time is here but the rule is that he must remain clothed all through and he is not allowed to touch you or stand up to do anything to you while the dance is on even though you can coolly touch, rub, lick or caress him…he is not allowed to reciprocate. Remember, the aim is to get him to anticipate so let the fire build up in him.

Start by seducing him with passionate looks that communicate your loving thoughts towards him to enable the sexual tension build up. Cat-walk closer to him and twist your hips in a gentle circular manner and exhibit your curves as the music goes on. Then sit your crotch on his laps while you run your index finger down from his forehead to his lips through his chest and finally his belt region with a light kiss, then get up immediately. Be careful here because the idea is to make him perceive the nice seductive smell from your body first. The temptation could get him in the mood and could be tempted to start foreplay. If you are not strong enough and determined yourself, that could end the lap dance at that moment.

Don’t worry about getting everything right. You don’t have to be a pro to be able to perform lap dance for your hubby in the bedroom, just enjoy yourself in the presence of your man. As far as he is concerned, he doesn’t really care about your choreographic moves but he will be totally engulfed with the thought of beauty in your body and what he has to enjoy thereafter.

Here, you can display some sort of modeling stunts while you begin to pull off some of your clothing gradually but stylishly. When you have half of the clothes off your body, move closer to him at his back, and gently swipe down your chest from his head to his back bone in such a way that he will feel your breasts. Find your way to his front while he is still on the seat and again, wriggle your body especially your breast around his neck and chest. You can murmur part of the song playing in a sing-along attitude to his ears. If he is the type that thrives in kissing, this is the time you can steal a mouth to mouth passionate kiss without allowing him to touch you. Don’t forget, your goal is to make him anticipate for your body!

There is really no big deal about this just be creative in your own way. At this point, he is most likely to have reached his peak which could have manifested in his strong erection. However, don’t be bothered if you feel the erection is not as strong as it used to be. That is not a true measure of a man on fire most times. Try removing the remaining items you have on your body by simply turning your back at him while your hip sits on his laps moving in and out of his crotch.

At this point, anything can happen because everything he needs to get threatened is now naked before him and may not be able to resist it any longer. Whatever happens, just flow with the tide and make sure you enjoy yourself.
To view a practical tutorial clip of lap dance for beginners, kindly click on this link:

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