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No one expects it to happen, when they start out in a relationship, but it can creep up on anyone and you suddenly wake up one morning and realize that you no longer actually love that person lying next to you.

It’s not a nice feeling and you begin to ask yourself, where did it all go wrong? Avoid yourself getting into that situation, as pre-warned, is pre-armed, and read these ten reasons why people do sometimes fall out of love:

1. They took each other for granted

It’s easy to assume that love is forever and it’s unconditional but, what many people forget is that a relationship requires work and nurturing. It really isn’t as simple, as it is in the fairy tales. If you want to live happily ever after, then you need to put in the effort.

2. Expectations were too high

Another reason why do people fall out of love is that their expectations are too high. You can’t expect it all to be roses and romance, and no one can be perfect all of the time. Set realistic expectations of a relationship, because there will be the boring and the frustrating moments too.

3. They stopped communicating

Many of these things that get in the way of love, happen side by side, but the one thing that is common to all, is a lack of communication. You need to talk to be able to resolve arguments, make plans together and to express your emotions. A lack of communication is one of the biggest causes of a failed relationship.

4. Jealousy killed the love

You might think that you are only expressing your love by wanting your partner around you all the time, but there has to be trust too. If you are constantly checking up on him and getting jealous over every other woman that he meets, then that will soon drive you apart.

5. They got bored

Why do people fall out of love? Boredom is often cited as a reason for a person having an affair, but a relationship will only get boring, if you let it. Couples need to make the effort to go out and try new things together, if they are to keep the spark in their relationship.

6. There was a betrayal of trust

While people do forgive cheating, once that has happened, the relationship can never really be the same again. Trust is a big part of what makes a relationship successful and, once doubt has been cast over that, a loss of love won’t be far behind.

7. They got together for the wrong reasons

Just like a building, love needs to be built on firm foundations. If the relationship moved too fast or it was built in a moment of passion, like an affair, then once things get into a more even plateau, couples can find that they didn’t really love a person in the first place, it was all just an infatuation.

8. A life changing event occurred

People can change and major events in people’s lives can be the catalyst for that. For some people, these changes are just too much. When a partner becomes ill, they have children or times get hard, the sparkle goes out of the relationship and they begin to want to move on.

9. Resentment sets in

When a relationship starts to go downhill, resentment can be the final nail in the coffin. This can be exasperated by a lack of communication. If one partner feels that they have been held back in life, or trapped, then deep resentment can set in and that will tear away any last traces of love that there was left.

10. They just fall out of love

One of the saddest things that can happen is that people just stop loving each other. In many cases, they do still hold deep feelings for each other but, as they themselves would put it, they don’t love each other ‘in that way’ anymore. Sometimes, there simply is no reason why, it just happens.

Why do people fall out of love? Do you have some tips on how to make love and relationship stronger?

Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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