How Intelligent Is The TECNO HiOS?

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User interface is the look of icons in the smartphone app drawer. It is the feel and the elegance of such icons that make a device look presentable and lovely. Samsung Mobile has the TouchWiz UI, Xiaomi, MiUi and Infinix, the XUI. This time around, TECNO Mobile has given its fans a very sleek and beautiful user interface on their devices. TECNO Mobile’s custom UI is called the HiOS. TECNO Boom J8 will be the first device to host the new user interface.

How intelligent is the HIOS? These are the features- rich micro intelligence of the TECNO HiOS.

Quick start: You can make some gestures on the screen of your phone while the screen is off like pressing M to locate music, W, C to get into Whatsapp and camera respectively.

Take Screenshots using 3 fingers: This is the most innovative feature on the HiOS. You don’t have to look for the screen shot icon that is if your phone mode even has it. In some smartphone, you have to press power button plus volume down button to take screenshots but with the arrival of the HiOS, it’s just swiping down with 3 fingers.

Music gestures: When your screen is off you can change the current music you are playing or even stop the music without necessary opening your phone. Smartphones these days are getting really smart and with time they may outsmart us.

Flip to mute: This is no longer new in the smartphone industry but believe me, some OEMs are yet to incorporate this into their smartphone. This is one of the reasons I love the TECNO HiOS. When you have incoming calls, just you flip your mobile to mute the call

Cover silence: This is one of the features that helps to silence incoming calls by just placing your palm over the screen of your TECNO smartphones

Tapping to wake: To turn off the screen of your smartphone it is conventional to press the power button but the HIOS is an intelligent OS helps us to explore our phones in an easy way. To turn off/on the screen just double tap the center of the screen

Wave answer:  To answer an incoming call just move your palm over the sensor area and this will automatically answer the call.


HiOS is undoubtedly, one of the best UI’s you could get in the Nigerian market. I look forward to seeing the next generation of HiOS devices from TECNO starting with Boom J8

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