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By Ayeotan Shola

Mr. Dele Olugbemi, who was the former Speaker of the Ekiti State House Of Assembly has rejected an offer of appointment extended to him by Governor Ayodele Fayose.

The Former speaker, According to Punch was given a appointment as a member of the House of Assembly Service Commission.

Olugbemi shunned the screening and confirmation of nominees on Wednesday but the four other nominees were confirmed by the Assembly.

Reacting to Olugbemi’s non-appearance and rejection of the appointment, the Speaker, Kola Oluwawole, said a nominee could not be forced to accept an offer.

Oluwawole said,

“If you offer somebody an appointment and he says no, there will be a replacement because there are so many people yearning for this opportunity. 

“People who are very intelligent and qualified are looking for this opportunity and government will ensure that another replacement is made.

“We stepped it down (on Tuesday) because we wanted to ensure that there is a balance in representation on the commission.

“It had to be stepped down to do some necessary adjustments to ensure equity and fair play because every segment of Ekiti State should be made to feel a sense of belonging.

“It is a development we have to address and it has nothing to do with the fact that somebody declined the offer.

“If I am offering you an offer and you say no, you cannot be compelled to serve in a particular agency or commission, it is a matter of choice.” 

“It’s no big deal at all, we are to clear the House of Assembly Service Commission board nominees.

“The members have to be five and we are having four nominees now, the fifth person is going to be included so that the confirmation will be done at the same time. That is just the simple reason.”

On why he chose to reject the appointment, Olugbemi said his action was based on principle.

He added that he was shocked about the manner his appointment as a member of the commission was announced in the media without Fayose first consulting him.

He said,

“I’m a member of the appointment committee. I was shocked to hear my name announced on the radio as being appointed as a member of the commission without my knowledge.

“The governor’s action was against the ethos of democracy and he is simply running a one-man show. Since he came into office, he has been operating without regards to the party.

“I gave so much to defend his mandate but he has shown me no respect at all. I was still wondering about the appointment when he sent a message to me that some people were interested in replacing me in case I reject the offer. Since he had decided to preempt my decision, I did not find it difficult to reject the appointment.

“All I did to defend him during the impeachment plot was to prevent the state from plunging into chaos so I have no regret.”

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