Curvy Ghanaian Actress Agrees To Act Nude For $1m – Entertainment Express

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By Pina Peters

Curvy Gollywood actress, Princess Shyngle has revealed her stance on possibly acting a nudity role very soon but only if she’s paid the right price.

Princess Shyngle who has become a household name in Ghana due to her role in controversial movie ”Why Should I Get Married”, revealed that she’s indifferent to the moral undertones that surrounds flaunting nudity in Africa.

However the actress has revealed that most issues of movie producers in Ghana demanding for s*x from some actresses especially the up and coming ones who are desperate for fame is real .

The Ghana based Gambian actress made this revelation in an exclusive interview with KOD on Live Fm.

Whereas some of her colleagues have shied away from taking or acting nude in movies, Princess Shyngle will take the bait if paid a $1 million.

The actress told Ghana’s Live FM over the weekend that ‘acting nude doesn’t mean anything bad.’ ‘Yes, Yes. Hell yes, I will. First of all, my favourite actress in this entire world, who is the very first black woman to ever win an Oscar was Halle Berry.

‘Yes and the movie James Bond, her being nude, it doesn’t mean anything. You acting nude doesn’t mean anything bad’.

She adds, ‘You are acting a character, that’s a job you doing you understand. It doesn’t mean anything, its not like I’m actually acting porn you understand.

The only thing is I will not be a 100% nude, maybe you will see part … not my everything. There are certain things you don’t show.’…

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