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 By Bankole Ganiyat    

There has been a tough war in Mushin, Lagos for the past two weeks which led to the untimely death of a commercial bus motorist on Wednesday, September 2nd.

It was said that, the incident happened at Total filling station on Ikorodu road when the victim was on his way to Oyingbo before he was captured by some gang of cultists who forcefully dragged him out of his vehicle and buried him alive.

A resident lamented that it is not the first time that these cultists will come from Oyingbo to mushin and kill people, and even the policemen were not doing anything during the incident.

According to an eyewitness, Jacob Amos said “the incident happened around 8pm on Wednesday, and i alerted the Alakara policemen immediately, they came and searched the place for more than one hour everywhere more than an hour but they couldn’t find anything and left,around 10pm when everybody had gone home, they brought the man to the Railway Line and push him from head down into a filled canal. Only his leg was sticking out.”

Another eye witness said, “The police in this area have been compromised. When we called them yesterday that someone had been captured around Oyewusi Street, an informant of the cultists whom we suspect work with the police, quickly alerted the guys and they left the place

He added “They brought the victim to our side to make it look as if we are responsible for his death. Their plan is to set the Oyingbo boys against us and trigger a war.”

Residents of the area alleged that the increased killing of suspected cult members from Oyingbo was orchestrated by one Rilwan, aka Itakun, he is to be a hooligan in mushin before he was forced to leave the area, and resides at oyingbo which I can say that this is like arevenge

Other men said to be in the group are White, Ese Chicago, Ina, Anarchy and Riliwanu. Friends of the deceased from Market Street, Oyingbo, were said to have shown up to identify him.

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