I’m Ready to face any Prosecution if any Dubai property is linked to me – Fayose

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Ekiti State Governor Ayodele Fayose said it was painful that the people who seized power in Nigeria through falsehood and propaganda were still lying eight months after assuming office.

Governor Fayose has declared that he does not have any house in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), challenging anyone with information of any property linked to him in Dubai to publish the details.

The governor, who also said he was ready to waive his immunity to be prosecuted if any house is linked to him in Dubai, added that he was not a kind of person that will deny his assets.

He said; “I’m not among those lily livered Nigerians that will deny their assets anywhere. They are in the federal government and they should have access to all information both in Nigeria and abroad. I therefore challenge them to check books on owners of all properties in Dubai.

“If they trace any house to me in Dubai, the federal government should make public all the details including pictures, location and title documents. The government should also confiscate such property and I am ready to waive my immunity to be prosecuted.”

The governor also reiterated his commitment to speaking the truth at all times, not minding whose ox is gorred, adding that; “No amount of their falsehood and propaganda can silence me.”

He said; “They have taken their propaganda to the most ridiculous height and it is shameful that after taking over Nigeria by falsehood, they are still lying to deceive Nigerians just to cover up their lack of solution to the country’s economic problems.”

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