If Igbos Are Butchered, Nigeria will Break Again- Femi Fani-Kayode Warns Buhari – Entertainment Express

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By Afolayn Lanre

Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, the Former Director of Publicity for PDP, on Monday Criticized the spokesman of Coalition of Northern Politicians, Academics, Professionals and Businessmen, Dr. Junaid Mohammed, for his Lucid comments that President Muhammadu Buhari owes Igbos nothing.

He described the comments as most insensitive, cruel and Puerile in the present circumstances.

Fani- Kayode in a message to Vanguard noted that his statements that If the Igbo feel marginalized they should attempt to break away again, was most uncharitable and careless, warning that if there was any attempt to butcher the Ibos or a repeat of what happened in 1966, it would be resisted by not only the Ibos, but by all Nigerians, with attempt to secede, which according to him, would be successful.

According to him, the like of Junaid must learn from history, our mistakes, preach peace and peaceful coexistence, rather that boast and beat our chests for yet another round of war.

Fani- Kayode reacting to a statement titled, “If the Igbo feel marginalised they should attempt to break away again”- Dr. Junaid Mohammed, on the The Punch Newspaper, 17th August 2015.

 “Given the immense suffering that the igbo were subjected to both before, during and after the civil war this is one of most insensitive, cruel and puerile comments that I have heard in recent times. 

“I daresay that if Junaid Mohammed’s Nigeria ever butchers over 100,000 innocent igbo civilians again, as they did in the north in 1966 just before the civil war, there will indeed be another attempt to secede, but this time it will not only be successful, but they will also take many others with them. 

“Rather than boast and beat our chests, we must learn from our history and we must never repeat its mistakes.”

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