Two Female Suicide Bombers Hit Kano

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Two suspected female bombers unleashed terror on the city of Kano killing scores of people.

A witness however said the first explosion occurred at the market entrance while the second device exploded near a pavilion in the centre of the market.

He said two vans filled with victims were driven away from the scenes of the explosion.

The incident came less than 24 hours after a similar explosion in a crowded park in Yola, the Adamawa state capital, left at least 34 people dead and 80 injured.

Today’s blast is the first attack on Kano since July 6 when a female suicide bomber struck near a Mosque in the city, killing herself.

The teenage bomber had detonated the explosive at 9:30 p.m that day after she was prevented from accessing the Umar Bin Khatab mosque along Zaria Road. The incident happened just as faithful were dispersing after observing the late night (Tarawih) prayer.

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