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I decided to write this article after having an heart to heart discussion with a friend of mine. I had just finished a consulting session with a client of ours who is about to launch new content . i decided to grap something go eat ,and then put finishing touches to my speech which will be delivered at the Nigeria digital conference later in the day. I was to deliver a lecture on music digitalization in 2015 at the conference along side the director of the 960music group Mr Mark Redguard. I drove down in the company of my friend ,delivered a wonderful lecture but we noticed something .

In about over 2500 participant, ranging from music artist managers,label CEOS,content providers,music artists,song writers, stylist, music consultant and many more. I do not see anybody from the gospel music industry . my point is you hardly find gospel artist/ministers attending conferences like this. I felt bad in my spirit because the truth remains that we cannot isolate ourself from the world we are suppose to save.

I see a lot of gospel music conferences being organised today and seriously we talking about the same thing over and over again.not that I have a problem with our spirituality, I understand the scope of our calling. But we need to leverage into the new age wisdom of selling and packaging content. Content for me refers to our music, the sound .

My self and my friend had a serious discussion about the gospel music industry as I drive back home. So I decided to write.

Note of warning ….
What you are about to read might not sound spiritual. Am not even going to quote scriptures .its basically from a professional stand point.

Having run a PR FIRM for more than four years ,have consulted for the A LIST and the B list . Ave come to discover secrets that the so called secular artist knows that the gospel artist don’t know. My focus is to open our eyes to new ways . I hope this article will bless someone out there .

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The industry has moved.
Internet marketing ….

If you are trying to reach a global audience then this will benefit you. In the last 10yrs or so. Over 400million units of musical content were sold online all over the word. (Pls Google for statistics) . if you really want to be impactful you cannot avoid understand ing how to push and sell your content online.

The Internet has created a seismic shift in the music industry. Traditional physical marketing outlets, while still important, have been augmented with a variety of online-based marketing, sales, and distribution outlets, all of which require their own specific marketing approaches and strategies.

Why? The industry has moved.
People still buy Cds on the road side I know but check the statistics and numbers. Spinlet is bigger than Alaba. Spinlet delivers over 3million music contents to their subscribers every month.. Am not sure over 3million contents comes out of Alaba. Everything and everyone is moving gradually to internet sales. We need to understand that we can sell more ,reach more people and make more money if we embrace the wisdom of internet marketing .

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We need to get our music on this platform. We will reach more people and sell more content and of course make more money. The era of cds will soon fade away …I said “soon”

With the advent of music online streaming company like tidal,timok, itunes and the rest. Better days are here. The truth is a conventional gospel artist in Nigeria is used to the formal way of doing things. Record your song, package a CD and then sell In your church. While am not saying this is bad , am saying this can be improved upon. When you sell you music online ,you reach a wider audience.

How do you sell.
You sell through agents.

You can’t just put your music on iTunes, you need an agent to monitor and register for you. There are certified agents all around. Same with all other music selling sites.

Why put your music online?
Are you a learner ?
Am saying you can make more money and reach more people. If you believe in the impact that your music can make then that’s the way to go….

Now how do you market.
Through social media …..

It’s funny that some gospel artist I know are not even functional on the social media space. No Facebook account, twitter handle, Instagram page,nothing…

I have forgotten that the people God send you to only goes to church like two days in a week ..they spend the rest of their time surfing the internet for stuffs. We need to take the message to them… We don’t wait for Sundays again. We need to fill up and boredom every where with positive music.

So you need to get on the internet .
Get on social media .

You market on social media by sharing your links . u need to create an awareness to make people know that your content is available for sale online. need to sign up with internet marketing agents. Now listen…there are over 34internet marketing agents in Nigeria . they help you market your music online. And remitt you proceeds. However they take a certain percentage off for selling…

Level two.
Exploiting the Nigeria telecoms system for internet marketing .

The truth behind the MTN MUSIC PLUS APP…and how gospel artist can leverage on it….

I’ll share more basics in my next article ..

Thank you.
Tunde praise .
171b dolphin Ikeja way ikoyi Lagos.

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