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Few weeks ago, I spoke to the women through this medium on how they can be more creative in their bedrooms with their husbands by going out of their ways to introduce lap dance. In order for me not to be tagged a male chauvinist, I have decided to also talk to men on how they can satisfy their wives in bed. Making one’s wife attain orgasm during sex is something a lot of men would have loved to do because no man gets married with the intention to bore his wife, but the problem remains that a lot of men don’t just know how to go about it. Men, please follow me as we go through some practical steps in making your bedroom antics more pleasurable, the one that your wife will always look forward to.

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Let us not deceive ourselves, any successful marriage has got a good story to tell about their sexual escapades with each other. First of all, I would want you to erase the wrong impression you have had about your wife’s sexual appetite. Don’t think she is difficult to please in bed even though you claim to have been trying your best. Yes, you have, but how knowledgeable are you? You can be having sex seven days a week without doing the right thing with her. You could have been married for ten donkey years yet, you are not touching the right contours! Getting your wife satisfied is not tough, if you are patient enough, you will get through it. And if you have a wife that is so religious and frigid about sex, it is your responsibility as the boss in the relationship to teach her about the beauty of sex between a married man and his wife.

In case you don’t know, by nature, your wife doesn’t get excited and satisfied as quickly as you do, so there’s no need using your own strength and parameters for her. A sexually sex-starved or unsatisfied wife would get frustrated and manifest her frustration in different ways. A lot of terrible issues at home didn’t just start when you noticed them but years back with the woman bottling up her frustration and later direct it at everything….her in-laws, her husband, work place etc. if you ask me, I will say the goal of every man is to always approach sex with the intention to make his wife happy even though you have your own cravings to satisfy too which makes your own enjoyment and satisfaction delivered on a platter of gold.

A good sex starts from having a good relationship with your spouse. You can’t have a major misunderstanding with your wife while going to work in the morning and expect to come back in the evening to meet a willing woman that will jump into bed with you without having resolved the earlier issue. I know some women can do that and it’s either they have got very low self-esteem or they just want to obey in order to give peace a chance. Guys, the onus lies on us to try our best to create good atmosphere.

Have you ever asked yourself, “How does she want it?” Some want it to start by sending them some erotic text messages right from work. Some want to hear you speak good things to their ears to get them in the mood. Some just want you to hold them while some just get turned on with your fresh breath. As far as I am concerned, this is where foreplay starts from even hours before the main show. Whichever way she wants it, you have got to discipline yourself to learn her ways. Learning her ways is not easy but you just have to do it after all, we are both going to benefit from it. From this point of foreplay, there is no rule as to how to go about it and it should not be rushed at all even though we get tempted most of the time. The beauty of foreplay is in its spontaneity which could involve sucking and stroking the breasts with either your mouth or your fingers. Please be careful and don’t be rough on her breast. Gentle and tender stroking will do the magic not squeezing like you are sucking orange. Kissing, running you hand through her thighs especially the inner parts, kissing and licking of the parts of the body including the neck, her shoulders, back of her ears or her clitoris which is referred to as cunnilingus will do her great pleasure. You can also finger her. All these are ways of setting up the atmosphere for an amazing experience.

One of the things good foreplay helps you achieve as a man is that it prepares your wife and makes orgasm easier to achieve. It’s also a great way to bond as many women associate foreplay as a man’s way of taking time and ensuring sex is not just a physical act but about intimacy. Show me a man that can engage in foreplay and I will show you a man that easily gives his wife orgasm!

I mentioned earlier about fingering which entails you inserting your finger gently and seductively in her vagina and rolls it through in any form you deem fit. This happened in the earlier part of the foreplay. Now it has to be repeated but in a systematic and creative way. Right now, all things being equal, nature must have worked on her and her body would have secreted some juice which makes it a lot easier for you but doesn’t necessarily mean she is satisfied or ready for you to insert your penis yet, in fact, she wants more now. Use both your index and middle fingers to trace and locate her labium which are located at either side of the vagina. Don’t forget, you need not be hasty because of your own sexual excitement but be gentle and make sure you have well trimmed nails.

Use both fingers to run round in 360 degrees form around her clitoris. At this point, the sexual stimulation could cause her to make some sounds, start muttering some words which may not even make sense, she could be so drenched in the enjoyment that she will stretch her body hard like a stock fish or just too relaxed on bed as if she is helpless. If you are not a typical religious or African man, you can interchange the use of your fingers to your tongue to actually work on her clitoris and while at it, be very observant to what she reacts to most as turning her on and keep at it.

After this experience, you can give her a break for less than five minutes before going for the G-spot stimulation. She is still wet, so gently and seductively again dip both your index and middle fingers into her vagina proper and clench your palm in the entire area, then turn your fingers to the 10/11 o’clock angle. You will feel a swollen-like spot with your finger which is the G-spot. That is the ultimate height here and you can manipulate it the way you like. Be creative with the G-spot; you can rub it, repeat the 360 degrees rotation or wipe it up and down like you are gradually wiping up and down your touch screen phone. Moreover, the use of your thumb finger is still very much available while you are working on the G-spot. Use your thumb to stimulate the clitoris simultaneously.

At this point, I am sure a very good orgasm must have been attained and you can get down to the main course which is inserting your penis on her vagina and thrusting at will. Please let it be known that thrusting must not be mechanical. Do deep, shallow and side thrust with the tip of your penis. Depending on how you can control your ejaculation, you can change your sexual positions as many times as you both like. Is it really that difficult to get your wife to that point?

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