Awestruck Lady Faints After A Surprise Wedding Proposal From Her Partner

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By Olaniyi Oluwaseun

An Awestruck Lady Fainted after been on the end of a surprise wedding proposal that came many years late from her long time Boyfriend.

The two lovers have allegedly been living together, as husband and wife for so many years with the man not showing signs of popping up the ‘Will you marry me?’ question.


It was a marvelous day for the lady in her office when her partner came in and proposed to her in the presence of her friends and co-workers.

Lost for words, she had reportedly slumped and blacked out for seconds until efforts were made to revive her.

On Waking up and nodding in disbelief, she had pointed out she never really imagined that her day would come, as she had clearly giving up hopes of getting married the official way.

“Those who know them say the babe has given up on marriage and was already living with the guy full time as his ‘wife’, with or without marriage, after years of dating.

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