Panam Percy Paul: A Church Once Threw Me Out With My Guitar- Panam

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Panam Percy Paul is an icon in the  industry particularly the gospel music genre.
The accomplished singer and songwriter with multiple albums which spans through a 40-year experience in music, surely is a known face in most churches and is annointed for bringing God’s glory.

So why will he be thrown out and ejected by a church in Jos, Plateau where he resides? The artiste who possesses
6 Engineering courses and 3 PHDs disclosed this recently at a forum, ‘A Date With Generals’ while admonishing gospel artistes and those aspiring to excel like him.

Panam quipped, “Some of you don’t know that I was thrown and bundled out of church once and it was traumatic for me. As a teenager I had a desire to sing and told the church leaders about it. I was allowed but they were surprised that I brought my guitar to sing. I sang with my eyes closed. The pastor was uncomfortable. He felt I was seducing the girls by singing with my eyes closed and he told me about it. I said wasn’t it good to sing with one’s eyes closed and focused on God rather than open them. That time, churches were very religious. Two tall men in the church grabbed me, carried me on both sides and hurled me out. I landed on my guitar and that could have been the end of my life if I had landed on bare floor. I contemplated suicide wondering why God will allow the church to humiliate me. All I wanted was to sing as an expression of my love for God. Later God told me he didn’t send me there to sing.”

His albums namely Bring Down The Glory I, II, III, IV, Cheer Up and Master Of The Universe is a master piece and a splendid material for the academia on how to mix perfectly melody with lyrics. He hails from Adamawa State but grew up in Jos.
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