JahBless Blasts OAPs And Celebrities For Inciting Skiibii To Fake His Own Death

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By Ayeotan Shola

Despite Five Star Music Group and Skiibii Manyana Own efforts to downplay the huge ruckus that his alleged death seemed to have caused, Many still habour thoughts that the artiste really did fake his own death.

Skiibii and his Label Mate, Kcee have several visited Radio stations and even fired their manager, Soso Soberekon all in a bid to save his Music career but many still remain unconvinced that it wasn’t a publicity stunt.

One of such people is  Nigerian singer, Jahbless who doesn’t seem convinced, stating that it was a ‘stupid’ move for Skiibii to have faked his own death.

The ‘Gele’ singer went on to blame the media, especially Nigerian OAPs for the development.

Contrary to what every body thinks, skibii made a stupid publicity stunt faking his own death , no doubt .. but some times when you look at what all these upcoming artistes go through , you won’t blame them for getting too desperate.

“Looking at this from another angle, I’m sure this guy must have begged some of our so called celebrities , OAPs , seeking their support, asking them to play , repost or retweet his songs, but being the so called proud for nothing people that we are , we never supported him.

Not just about skibii, but for every upcoming artiste out there , many of us ignore them like who gives a f.ck…, It’s quite embarrassing and depressing the kind of love we show to the dead .

I noticed the moment skibii died ..everybody started posting his pictures ..”RIP my gee” , … reposting his songs sending out condolence messages to five star records , his followers increased tremendously, lol, are they expecting hin to post pictures from hell ? ,

but before then skibii had released songs seeking your support and your so called instagram followers were so precious to you that you couldn’t share his songs on your page, the same R.I.P you posted was what he has been seeking while he was alive.

That 3 minutes 30 seconds to premier his song on your programme.

You would rather play chris Brown or Rihanna who doesn’t even know you exist, crazy world yeah ! same thing happened to the late dagrin, dagrin became a mega super star after his death, (RIP akogun) I remembered cd John, great comedian who was on the verge to rise and you never supported their hustle, but you made them super stars after life.”

Soso Soberekon also took to his Instagram page this morning to apologize to everyone involved, owning up to his own mistakes.

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