Ibrahim Babangida Celebrates 74th Birthday

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Former Nigerian Military head of state, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (IBB) turned 74 today.
In an interactive session with journalists in Minna, Niger State, which took place a few days ago, he reminisces about his time in government, and expresses gratitude to God for sparing his life.
Read excerpts from the interview published in Vanguard:
V: How do you feel celebrating your 74th birthday, given that several attempts were made against your life while you were in service?
IBB: I will continue to be grateful to God and it strengthens my belief that no matter what happens, if God doesn’t will it, nothing will happen to me.

So it is a matter of believing that no matter what happens, either good or bad, nothing happens without the approval of Allah.

I am grateful to God for sparing my life up to this time despite what we went through. Those who participated in combat will say the same. God has kept me and I remain grateful to Him and grateful to you all for your support.

V: One of the major challenges your administration faced was the Gideon Okar coup where people thought death had finally gotten you. How did you escape?

IBB: I can remember very well that I had some loyal officers who were supposed to be my protectors and my body guard. Initially they told me to leave but I told them no, I am not leaving anywhere but they remained steadfast and later I took my family outside Dodan Barracks and I joined my guards. So we went out of Dodan Barracks and we went to a safe house where we got in contact with loyal troops. May God bless Sani Abacha.  Sani Abacha was the chief of army staff. He got in touch with me, I got in touch with him and we sat down and talked on what we were going to do. Abacha and I rallied the loyal troops and then I left my safe house and joined Abacha in his house.  That was how I escaped.

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