Sule Lamido Laments From Prison, ‘Enemies Behind My Ordeal’

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Former governor of Jigawa State, Sule Lamido, has described his incarceration alongside his sons as being politically motivated.

Lamido believes that his persecution is not unconnected with 2019 Presidential race.

He spoke from prison on Saturday, through his media aide, Umar Kyari.

He said it was obvious that there was a grand plot to have him imprisoned for a long time so that his detractors who perceive him as a stumbling block in their quest for power, can have their way, unhindered.

Lamido claimed to be innocent of all charges, adding that he was merely being witch-hunted by those who feel threatened by his rising political profile.

Lamido’s spokesman said: “This current effort to frame and denigrate the former governor of Jigawa State with a view to rubbishing his high performance in office will come to naught at the end of the day.

Lamido remains nothing but a scion of accountability and integrity who has always fought on the side of the people, particularly the downtrodden and the vulnerable, since he came into the national political scene.

He remains unshaken over the trumped-up charges slammed on him by the EFCC knowing that he has not committed any offense to warrant being thrown into the prison over a bailable offense.

But the refusal by his traducers to grant him and his sons bail when others charged same day and time for even more grievous offences were admitted to bail speaks volume of the intention and mindset of those who are after him.

Nonetheless, Sule Lamido strongly believes that, after being imprisoned several times all in a bid to pave the way for sustained democracy in Nigeria, the current effort by the EFCC and others to humiliate him and his family over the so-called money laundering charges will not break his resolve to continue to fight on the side of the people.

It is Lamido’s strong belief that having not committed any offense against the state to warrant being sent to prison, he and his two sons will be freed and vindicated against the wicked plot of their adversaries”.

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