Chinedu Emechebe: Nigerian Tops UK eBay Rich List, How He Makes £15m Annually

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A 37 year-old father of two, Mr. Chinedu ‘Ken’ Emechebe now sits atop the richest sellers on eBay in the UK according to latest reports.

With username universalgadgets01 on, Emechebe now has an annual turnover of £15 million selling mobile phone accessories, a ITV UK said.

Emechebe employs around 45 people, whom he pays, to help run his online store on eBay.

“I think the great thing about eBay is just from day one the ease of selling on eBay makes it great for small businesses,” he said.

Hear him, “On eBay everything is set up for you. Yes you pay your fees, but you would have to pay for advertising costs if you went on Google.

“eBay sets you up, it has millions of people who come on to the website every day, and all these people who are on there are looking for products and deals.”

According to the report, there are over 200,000 UK businesses selling on, plus millions of private sellers, generating an estimated £6 billion of sales in the UK every year.

Techpoint report that Emechebe has been selling on eBay since 2008 and he now makes monthly sales of around 2500 items a day, amounting to monthly turnover of about £1,477,644.63. He started his company in the spare room of his two-bed London flat. Since then he has been “forced” to relocate three more times due to his growing company, and now works out of a 1,200 sq ft warehouse.

Top 10 list of monthly sales:


1)universalgadgets01 (Mr. Emechebe) – Electronics and gadgets – £1,477,644.63

2) Babz – Electronics and consumables – £1,427,534.13

3) estocks – Entertainment and electronics – £995,558.10

4) thinkprice – Everything – £633,881.03

5) bargain-bonanza – Everything – £549,845.31

6) worldofbooks08 – Books – £547,916.04

7) lmelctrical – Electrical – £539,310.72

8) p.fjones – Car parts and spars – £279,666.84

9) angling–warehouse – Fishing and outdoors – £251,525.26

10) aceparts–uk – Car parts and spares – £209,132.98

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