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The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye told his congregation that women should know how to cook before marriage.

The argument had been raging on social media about the suitability of cooking as a prerequisite for marriage. Some believed that it was unnecessary and that women should not have to cook and that it’s okay for the men to cook too. Others felt that women need to know how to cook before getting married and should engage in the kitchen as often as possible.

Pastor Adeboye while advising youths on marriage said, “Don’t ever marry outside the church and you have no reason to marry outside RCCG. The reason is that if you are both from the same church even when trouble comes it is easier for the pastors to handle it!

“Don’t marry a girl simply because she can sing! In the choir there are some people that can sing but they are fallen angels! Marry a prayer warrior! If a girl cannot pray for one hour, don’t marry her.

“Don’t marry a girl who is lazy! Don’t marry a girl who cannot cook, she needs to know how to do chores and cook because you cannot afford to be eating out all the time.

“Don’t marry a girl who is worldly! If you do, you have carried what you’ll worship for the rest of your life!”

He also had something to say about pastors in his church keeping large beards saying, “I don’t want to see any of my pastors looking like fellows from the training camps of Al-Qaeda.”

Watch the video of Pastor Adeboye below…

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