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Babatunde Omidina popularly known as Baba Suwe is in bad health, a colleague, Yomi Fabiyi has said.

According to Fabiyiu, Baba Suwe’s ill health should be blamed on his 2011 encounter with National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA.

Baba Suwe was arrested at the Murtala Mohammed Airport in 2011 on the suspicion that he had ingested cocaine wraps.

During the encounter, the popular comedian was detained for three weeks by the agency, but no drugs were found.

A Lagos High Court subsequently ordered NDLEA to pay the veteran actor N25 million for unlawfully detaining him and to also tender a public apology to him.

Fabiyi wrote on Instagram, “I am calling on all senior colleagues in the entertainment world especially those close to Baba Suwe because I don’t have everyone’s contact to please reach out to him as soon as possible. The torture meted out on him by NDLEA is vastly damaging his health at an alarming rate,” the actor said on his Instagram account.

“He told me he no longer feel comfortable since that episode. Baba Suwe is a widower, he can hardly walk properly as I speak, let alone go to film. How will he feed and take care of the children aunty Moladun left behind?”

NDLEA spokesman, Mitchell Ofoyeju told Premium Times he said, “We are surprised that Baba Suwe is bringing up this matter again. We will just refer him to the Appeal Court in Lagos’ ruling on the matter. When the (High) Court awarded him damages against the agency, we went to the Appeal Court to protest the judgement payment of any damages to him. The Appeal Court upheld our case.

“In fact, we contested all the rulings of the Lagos High Court seeing that we were lawfully discharging our duties. All these information are in the public domain and that’s why we are very surprised that he is bringing this up again.

“The only way NDLEA would have been held liable was if Baba Suwe had gone to the Supreme Court and won. But, in this case, he never did. So, it’s as good as there were no damages awarded him in the first place because it was quashed by the Appeal Court.”



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