Suleiman Hashimu: 11 Quick Facts About Man Who Trekked From Lagos To Abuja Over Buhari’s Victory

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Suleiman Hashimu popularly known as the man who trekked from Lagos to Abuja has also been dubbed with the nick,  “The Traveller.”

Expressng presents 11 facts that you must know about famous ‘trekker.’


Excerpts below

He is an indigene of Kastina state precisely Funtua which is also the birthplace of president-elect Gen. Buhari.

He was Born in Osun State Nigeria in one of the towns that lay by the road side.

He resides in Ibadan Central in Oyo State.

His journey to Abuja spanned about 18 to 19 days.

He actually made the promise  back in 2013 to take a walk from where ever he his to the capital city if Gen Buhari wins the election in 2015

He left lagos at 5am on the Morning following the day after Gen Buhari was declared the president and arrived Ibadan city at 6pm.

He reported at a police Station in Ibadan and requested for a police report so as to be able to travel  un-impeded if he were to be accosted by Police men on his way.

He travelled cross country from ibadan through Oyo, Ogbomosho, Ilorin, Oloru, Jebba, Kutugi, Bida all through to Abuja his final destination.

He had an encounter with Robbers at Jebba but he was released with not even a kobo  extorted from him.

Unnamed followers and volunteers travelled on his journey  with him at different stages of his journey.

A Mammoth crowd witnessed his arrival and welcomed Suleiman Hashimu to Abuja on the evening of Monday 21st April 2015.

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