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A United Kingdom –based firm, Russell IPM has unveiled its approach to preventing Tuta absoluta from establishing harmful population levels in tomato fields by deploying nature’s own weapons. By recharging the soil with the same beneficial organisms nature uses to keep the insect population in balance.

Dr Shakir Al-Zaidi commented: “A single soil application of RECHARGE at the start of the season will provide a lasting effect on the Tuta absoluta population throughout the growing season.”

Best results can be achieved in areas where the Tuta absoluta pest has recently arrived and the population has just begun to build up. RECHARGE can stop the population from growing to a harmful level and will slow down the advance of the pest to further areas.

“This is a new strategy designed to halt the progress of Tuta absoluta in Africa. A strategy based on prevention rather than cure. We are thrilled to announce that finally a sustainable preventative measure has finally arrived.” Dr Al-Zaidi added.

The beneficial microbes have dwelled in the soil for millions of years and they have been doing a wonderful job at keeping the balance between different insects and rebalancing the soil in which the plant grows and flourishes. RECHARGE will help bring the population of Tuta absoluta within the natural balance and will not allow it to breach that balance.

Since RECHARGE is based on natural living organisms, which can grow and multiply in the soil naturally, one simple application to the soil provides a sustainable and cost-effective season long protection.

Large scale trials in Africa have demonstrated that fields protected by RECHARGE required substantially less pesticides, saving farmers considerable cost and reducing the risk to consumer health associated with the over-use of pesticides.

The results of the extensive trials conducted by Dr Maneno Yoram Chidege from the Tropical Pesticide Research Institute, Arusha, Tanzania, will be presented next month during the All Africa Horticultural Congress in Nigeria.



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