Nigerian Lady strips naked on her 28th birthday


Madonna University graduate Nelly Sylva has caused quite a stir after she stripped naked for her 28th birthday celebration.

Writing on her Facebook timeline recently, she added ‘I promised to shock everyone around me by embracing the person i always wanted to be, no matter the consequences.


“I told you to expect worse this year, didn’t I!? Oh well here we are, it’s my birthday and it’s within my jurisdiction to #CauseChaos #TensionTheInternet,” said the lady whose profile says she studied law. And she added, “Note: if it’s against your faith or whatever you believe in, jus waka pass and don’t be unfortunate!..”

Nelly went further to clarify on why she chose to strip for the birthday shoot. “A lot of women are not comfortable in their body, especially the fat ones like myself, some starve themselves jus to be what they are not,” she said in a different post, adding, “Be very comfortable in your body and skin ladies, do not let inferiority complex get the better of you.”

Nelly Sylva is catching major flak for the daredevil shoot. While many people think she has tainted her future, others worry that she would never make heaven.

“Your place in heaven is assured,” she assured the critics, adding, “God bless you!”

We have seen this boldness before: from Maheeda to Amber Rose, these women who were shamed by society and decided to embrace their bodies.

For Nelly Sylva, she is getting all the attention now, but will she crumble or continue to stand straight as the heat increases? We wait.

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