‘I can’t go into Acting’ Mercy Aigbe’s Daughter Speaks on Being a Celebrity Kid [WATCH]


Popular Teen model Michelle Aigbe, the daughter of Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe, has opened up on how much social media has affected her life.

In a new interview the 15-year-old model, who controls over 200,000 Instagram followers, says the platform is quite a difficult place to be due to the hate she often endures, especially after the failure of her mother’s marriage to hotelier Lanre Gentry.

“Sometimes, I actually feel like crying. Like yesterday when someone said something bad about my mum, it hurt me real bad,” said Michelle who added that the trolls should not bring their hate for her mother to her page. “I’m not supposed to go through this.”

Michelle went on to add that being the daughter of Mercy Aigbe has affected her both in a good and bad way, especially pertaining to her friendship with her peers.

Asked if she would ever consider joining her mum in the movie industry, she said, “No. I am shy.”

Watch the rest of the interview here:

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