Tragedy! Another Nollywood Star Dies


According to Playground a fast-rising Yoruba actress Modupe Oyekunle passed on yesterday at clinic, during childbirth, she apparently suffered complications that couldn’t be resolved.

Famous for her role as Sandra in the blockbuster Ibi Giga produced by Segun Ogungbe, the actress dominated the movie scene in her Igi Aloye caucus in Abeokuta. She was also fondly referred to as ‘oyinbo’ because of her complexion.

Until her death, the late Modupe Oyekunle was wife and mother to three children.

Only last month, the industry lost veteran actor Prince James Uche after a long battle with diabetes, blindness, high blood pressure and kidney disease. Weeks later, that loss was followed by the passing of top scriptwriter, Chike Bryan Nnamani.

However, yesterday also, the industry was greeted with the hearty news of Mimi Orijekwe who welcomed her first child.

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