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A popular movie marketer, Film Mark Productions has allegedly declared top Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson-Okojie, wanted over N2million movie fee.

According to a popular blogger, it was gathered that Mercy was paid by the marketer in March last year to star in his movie that kicked-off production in April, but she abandoned the production after for few days and featuring in just few scenes.

When the star actress had wanted to leave the movie set, Film Mark refused but she insisted that she was to make Easter meal for her husband and will return after a day or two, then she left the set, but never returned again till date.

It was alleged that everybody on the set stopped working, as they waited for Mercy for 33days, paying hotel bills but she refused to show up.

Few days later, she travelled to US for her second baby without contacting Film Mark or other producers, who she was allegedly holding their production fee.

Immediately Film Mark heard the rumour of her pregnancy with her second child, he reported the case to the Police stations and ‎Mercy was declared wanted. He insisted that he wanted his money to hire another artiste to continue with his job.

But the resort to using uniform men to get his money back from Mercy wasn’t futile as she had already travelled to US to have her second baby.

Consequently, both Film Mark and others who the actress is still with their money are waiting eagerly for her return.

However, it has been noted that the actress might not be returning so soon, as she is owing a lot of producers and might have relocated to US temporarily, having registered her daughter, Purity in school over there.

When Expressng contacted Mercy Johnson’s publicist, Big Sam, to hear the other side of the story.

He refuted the allegations levelled against the actress, revealing that Mercy Johnson has been in Nigeria since December.

“Moreover, Nollywood isn’t an industry where you owe lots of producers and they would keep quiet,” he said.

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