Ronald Fiddler: 10 Quick Facts About British suicide bomber who blew himself Fighting for ISIS


A British ISIS suicide bomber has been revealed as a former Guantanamo prisoner who was handed £1million in taxpayers’ money as compensation before fleeing to Syria to join ISIS. See 10 facts about the suicide bomber.

Abu Zakariya al-Britani

1966: Ronald Fiddler is born in Manchester to parents originating from Jamaica.

1994: He converts to Islam, changing his name to Jamal Udeen Al-Harith.

October 2001: Fiddler travels to Quetta, Pakistan, on a ‘religious holiday’. A few day later the US invasion of neighbouring Afghanistan began

Early 2002: He is arrested by American forces in Afghanistan after they discover him in a Taliban jail and later transferred to Guantanamo Bay prison.

2004: After lobbying from Tony Blair’s Labour government, Fiddler is released along with four other British citizens. He returns to the UK where he is released without charge, and joins three other prisoners in suing Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

2009: His case against Rumsfield and the US government is finally dismissed on the grounds of ‘limited immunity’ for government officials.

2014: Despite security services being fully aware of his previous detention, he is able to escape the UK to fight with ISIS in Syria.

2015: His British wife Shukee Begum, along with their five children, join him in Syria before fleeing from the Isis-controlled territory

February 2017: Fiddler is killed in a suicide attack near Mosul, Iraq

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