Popular Ugandan comedian Anne Kansiime Arrested After smuggling cocaine to London

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Ugandan entertainer, comedian and actress, Anne Kansiime, has been arrested at London Heathrow Airport for trying to smuggle 2 kilograms of cocaine hidden in two bags of coffee inside two suitcases; authorities said on Wednesday.

Customs and Border Protection police officers searched her suitcases upon suspicion and found a plastic coffee bag containing white powder, according to officials.

She was taken to a private search room, where the officers found a second bag full of powder. Both tested positive for cocaine.The estimated value of the cocaine is more than £80,000, officials said.

Anne Kansiime was arrested and handed off to Port Authority police. She will be prosecuted by the London District Attorney on drug smuggling charges.

“This seizure is another example of UK Border Agency being ever vigilant in protecting the United Kingdom from the distribution of illicit drugs,” said Robert E. Perez, Director of UK Border Agency London Field Operations.

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