Debby Johnson: Meet this Sexy Nigerian Lady In The US Army [Photos]


Deborah Johnson is a new recruit in the US Army, the pretty soldier who had her secondary school education at the Royal Crown High School, Iju Ishaga, Lagos said in one of her posts that before she joined the US Army

She added “It was a tough decision for her deciding to be in the active duty, but after she sworn, she knew she was in, no going back and she don’t regret it.”

See more of her photos below…



Happy Valentine's Day to you all. I love you

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I try to be the best that I could be!! #aintnostoppingme #forwardalways #aintnogoingback #ilovemyuniform #soldiergirl #asuinspectionfriday #skirtislife #iworemyskirtforthefirsttime #selflove❤️

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Am honest and a good writer

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