Ken Stewart, Adepeju Jaiyeoba, Others to speak at MLM Leadership Conference




Some speakers including Ken Stewart, Adepeju Jaiyeoba, Adewale Adebusoye, and Bunmi Jembola have been invited for the MLM National Leadership conference which will hold on March 30 2017, at the Queens Park Event centre, Victoria Island, Lagos.
The conference titled “MLM in Nigeria: Winning in a Hostile Environment” is poised to deepen quality service delivery among MLM operators and encourage technology-driven solutions to move multi-level marketing forward in Nigeria according to a statement from its organisers, Deqna International Limited.
The statement reads in part: “We are bringing together about 2,000 entrepreneurs and MLM-oriented Nigerian business professionals to meet and discuss new trends and innovations in the world of multi-level marketing. It is about repositioning MLM as a viable marketing channel and option for relevant businesses and enterprises in Nigeria.”
The keynote speaker, Mr. Stewart, who is a multiple award-winning MLM leader and down-line of the American entrepreneur, Robert Kiyosaki, will speak on the topic, Cause and Effect of Ponzi Scheme.
The other speakers will cover topics ranging from Winning in a Hostile Environment, Using Social Media for Market Repositioning and Thriving in Recession among others.
At the event, the participants will have the opportunities to network and generate viable resources for their businesses with focus on training, mentoring and peer-peer visibility. Individuals interested to attend can register for free at


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  1. Gaurav Sharma

    February 4, 2017 at 8:07 am

    It is very strange to know that KEN STEWART who himself has complaints of assisting Ponzi- MLM scams in Bangalore , Mumbai and Guwahati is speaking on Pyramids ????? isn’t is sarcastic ??? he promoted vemma in India as a pyramid company and other 3 . How can going to a third world country make him a hero ??? when he is the major culprit and people have lost money in India because of him.

    please share his whereabouts in Africa so that i can give them to the my friends who have been defrauded.

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