Falz Reveals How Kenyan Airport Officials Embarrassed him, says they Treated him Like a Cyber Criminal’


Popular rapper Falz has just revealed in a new interview with Sound City‘s Moet Abebe. He went on to narrate how he had recently gone holidaying in Kenya with a group of friends, and at the airport, he was treated with the worst discrimination he had ever experienced.

“We were about getting into the airport..in Kenya. The [immigration] sent us to go to the side [along] with Nigerian people [and] they just kept on saying ‘cyber crime! internet fraud!,” Falz revealed.

He continued, “It was disgraceful. It was extremely shameful. Obviously, it is discrimination. Because I’m Nigerian, you automatically think I am a cyber criminal?”

But this is not the first time the East African country would be called out for discriminatory practices.

In June 2016, the country’s Ministry of Devolution began enforcing ‘tough laws’ that would make it difficult for foreign Nationals to get jobs in Kenya. And the law hinted that those who are already working were at risk of losing their jobs, too.

Now, Falz reveals the blatant discrimination by their authorities against Nigerians. Watch him speak about it from 4.30 minutes:

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