7 Quick Facts About SA top blogger Mpho Ranko, who died of Skin Cancer

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South African media personality, Mpho Ranko has been confirmed dead after losing his battle with skin cancer. below are 7 facts about the South African blogger you need to know.

– Before his death, he was a blogger and social media strategist.

– Mpho Ranko never came out as gay but had a lot of friends in the LGBT community.

– He was a popular socialite and a radio presenter.

– Mopho was admitted to hospital last year. A social media campaign was later launched to raise funds for Mpho after it was discovered that he had run out of funds for treatment.

– Before his death, the TV commentator shared a last Instagram photo of himself lying helplessly on his sick bed. He captioned: ‘Back to it’.

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– Mopho was born in Johannesburg South Africa, lived in Guateng, SA.

– He passed away at the Helen Joseph Hospital yesterday, Thursday Feb. 2, 2017.

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