Indimi family perform the ‘Kayan Zance’ cultural rights to marry Zahra Buhari [Photos]


Reports had gone viral about President Buhari’s daughter Zahra is to wed Ahmed Indimi, one of the sons of Billionaire oil mogul, Mohammed Indimi, in December 2016. The introduction between the families held at the Aso Villa, Abuja on Nov 18th. (Read here)

The ceremonies have now officially kicked off…and here’s the main scoop! After a marriage proposal is tendered to the bride’s family and they have accepted, according to cultural rights, the groom’s family needs to provide a number of items to the bride, this is called “Kayan Zance”. This was officially done by the Indimi family, yesterday Nov 28th in Abuja.

According to a close source, the family was well received and the environment was very cheerful. Some Governors wives received the brides gift with plenty of laughter. More interestingly, Nobody initially knew who the groom was dating, as he referred to her by a special nickname. It wasn’t until the introduction that her identity was revealed to his family members.

These photos show the groom’s residence and also when the Indimi family were received with the exquisite and customized gifts they bought for their bride, Zahra in the Presidential Villa, Abuja. Our prayers are with the new couple to be. More details to come!




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