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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has drawn the ire of Nigerian feminists after he preached a sermon that wives must accept husbands as masters, they are not equals!

The flashy Pastor maintained in the video of a sermon shared on Christ Embassy.Org Online Missions Facebook page, that wives are not equal to their husbands and thus their position is below the man of the house because the husband title means Master.

But responding, Joy Isi-Bewaji, a popular feminist and author dismissed the preacher as a man sulking after divorce from his wife who is fondly called Pastor Anita.

In a viral Facebook post that has gathered over 70 shares and 300 likes, the fiery feminist seize the moment to criticize anti-feminists sermon emanating from Nigerian Pastors.

She wrote…

Chris Oyakhilome is just a bitter man because his wife dumped his cheating ass.

Go an’ sit down on a pile of shit.

The woman has moved on to better things.

I can imagine a marriage where the man thinks the wife is an “after-thought”…

The life you need to bear.


First we are not equal to men. Now we are an after-thought.

What next? What sick revelation will these religious fools spew in 2017?

The pile of dirt and manipulations these men of dogs are made of.

Nigeria is one of the poorest nations in the world…

When is your god going to heal the land where you have made billions… the land you have ravaged with spiritual deceit?

You are flying private jets in a land where 85% are dirt poor and you justify it with God’s blessing on your own life.

What these people are preaching is witchcraft.

They are destroying families. Ruining the lives of young Nigerians. And adding no value whatsoever to our growth as a people.

Abrahamic religions are the bane of our society and sanity.

To hell with these idiots.

You couldn’t keep a home… it is paining you that your wife left…

Now you want to make sure every woman in a marriage suffers for what your Ex did to you (or really, what you did to her)…

Daft husbands will sit and listen to this crap.

A woman is about to become the first citizen of the entire world.

According to your warped interpretation…she is an afterthought?

Hillary Clinton is an after-thought. Serena is an after-thought. Theresa May is an after-thought. Angela Merkel is an after-thought. Queen Elizabeth is an after-thought.

Your mother is an after-thought.

Someone…anyone, hand Chris his medication.


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