Comedian Ajebo Launches Comic Book For Kids





Comedy sensation and on air personality AJEBO is credited with creative cartoon comedy skits which is a toast for families around Africa and Africans in diaspora.

The animation company “House of Ajebo” has become a house hold name online. In a bid to celebrate children AJEBO has launched HOUSE OF AJEBO JUNIOR which he says will cater directly to kids; creating animated series,sitcoms and educational materials. He announced through his publicist Omobola MBmatic Odunbaku.

To celebrate children’s day, The House of Ajebo has announced a new comic book called MICMAN: The Legend of Ajebo. MICMAN is a high school student who discovers his superhero powers through the help of his professor friend and now, he not only wants to save the world but to teach kids to believe in themselves and be all they want to be.

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