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Vanguard reports Priest Mbaka prophesies for 2016

Mbaka said: “People will by now, begin to question, is this the government we voted for? But the Lord says, it will start hard, but it is going to end well. It is going to end well. I am commanded to ask for patience. The Lord says that multiple crises will befall the system. But later, the country will be filled with the peace of Isaiah 66, peace that will be flowing like a river. And in this peace will be the blessing. So, I am claiming the peace in the midst of all the looming crisis.

“New crises are going to come up. But at the end,there will be peace. Peace will be terbanacled at the epicentre of this country,to handle any crisis no matter how benign, malignant, barbaric or even satanic it will appear like. God says He will be in charge. In 2013, there was a prophecy that there was going to be an oil doom after the oil boom. And when that message came out from this ground, many started calling me a prophet of doom.

“How can there be a doom? And the oil price continued to climb. And the message said, people and government should begin to gather, as in the days of Joseph, to stop squandering our wealth. And they never listened. Throughout the six years of the past administration, God blessed our oil with high prices, $140 per barrel. But the message said there was going to be an oil doom. Do not mind the high prices. It warned our politicians to stop embezzling our wealth. But they said the money would continue to come.

“Our oil would continue to flow. During this moment of the oil boom, there was excess crude oil money. They did not know what to do with our money. Our youths were suffering and they are still suffering. Graduates have no jobs, new industries were not built. Our roads were not reconstructed.

Our hospitals were in shambles and in total collapse. Our educational systems were in shambles and these politicians were building good schools outside Nigeria.

“They were busy building hospitals even in South-Africa and other neighbouring countries. When any of them is sick, he will be flown outside Nigeria because there is no hospital in Nigeria worth of good medication. You cannot find any hospital in Nigeria that has worthy diagnostic facilities. The entire money voted for hospitals were looted. Corruption was in quantum to the level that Nigerian Catholic Bishops had to compose a prayer against bribery and corruption.

“The Bishops assured all the Catholics to be praying that prayer everyday after the communion. All the moneys voted for road constructions were swindled. Many of the politicians became millionaires and billionaires in Naira, Dollars, Pounds Sterling, Euro when they have no workshops and business centres. Somebody who has nothing doing, yet he is a billionaire because he is a politician. The oil money was messed up.

“Now, oil doom has come. There was no preparation for the doom. The economy of Nigeria is an oil-based economy. My beloved Nigerians,those who led us for the past six years downwards have killed this country. None of them is qualified to stay in this country by now. Both the president, governors, senators, House of Representatives members, council chairmen among others. They are wicked. It does not matter the man of God they worship with. Before God and man, all of them are wicked.

“They hate this country. They succeeded in removing the liver, kidneys and cardiovascular system of this country and paralyzed the neurological organs, and handed over to Buhari, shambles and skeleton. A nation that is in comatose. Nigeria right now,economically and security wise is in the Intensive Care Unit, ICU. If the oxygen is removed, Nigeria will go. People of God prayed from here and there, and God answered our prayers and gave us Buhari.

Buhari is God-sent

“I want to tell you today, that Buhari is a prayer answered. Whether you hate or like him, Buhari is a prayer answered. The Catholic Bishops of Nigeria prayed against bribery and corruption and this President came with a war against corruption. All the prayers we have been doing against bribery and corruption, God answered the prayers through a Muslim who decided not to discriminate. There is nothing like racial, ethnic discrimination in this administration.

“He is a man of all. He means good for this country and we owe him unalloyed, consistent, spiritual and otherwise support. If he is not the man at the helm of affairs now or had it being the last regime continued, by now, Nigeria would be for sale. Who will buy? All the moneys voted for infrastructure, few people stole the money. That is why we are passing through chronic hunger, joblessness. Many have died and are still dying because of this. That is why they want to engineer you people to cause crisis even in this part of Igboland under the guise that Igbo are marginalized.

Nobody can marginalise Igbo

“Igbo people are unmarginalizable. Nobody can marginalize the Igbo. The spirit of God wants me to speak good over what has been happening in this administration and that is what I am doing. I am not a sycophant,I do not support anybody for anything because I have the highest thing somebody can have which is God. So, I want to tell you that so far, God is happy with Buhari. And he who God has blessed, may you not try to curse because God will curse you.

The plots to kill Buhari

“Many people are planning, as it is revealed , to kill Buhari. There are many plans on how to eliminate his life so that corruption, embezzlement will continue. But the Lord says, God who put you there, will not forsake you. Be firm, resolute, focused, unbiased and refuse to be intimidated and distracted. Go ahead and war against evil. Buhari, go ahead and war against corruption. God and His people are behind you. You are the answer of the prayers of the people.

“Our past looters, embezzlers, thieves on the political terrain have eaten the cake and now everybody is suffering. No ethnic group is marginalized. In the present administration, Igbo people hold the portfolio for Minister of External Affairs, Godffrey Onyeama; Science and Technology, Ogbonnaya Onu; Industry and Commerce, Osita Enalema; Labour and employment, Chris Ngige. And the problem of this country now is unemployment. If our youths are well employed, kidnapping will go. Kidnapping was a child of the past administration. They delivered that ugly baby, which resembled them. It is my job to put your mind right. When anybody wants to say that Igbo are marginalised, do not believe it. Igbo are doing well everywhere. So,why are we evolving a war that does not exist?

“Those who are engineering this war, have their children abroad! And they want to use our unemployed youths to begin to walk around, ‘Igbo are marginalized,’ ‘our roads are bad.’ By the end of this year, Buhari will expose the names of the people who looted money meant for our roads. What we are suffering now is the resultant effect of the last malignant administration that was intrinsically corrupt. What we are suffering now arose from past administration. But the Lord says there is hope. Many people are going to suffer. We should all get ready. But after the suffering we will all smile.”

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