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By Emmanuella Ngozi Peters

Actress and film maker Toyin Aimakhu Johnson, has again incurred the wrath of some Nigerians after she congratulated the All Progressive Congress (APC) on their victory at the just concluded 2015 presidential election in Nigeria.

But the real drama started some weeks ago, during one of President Goodluck visits to Lagos, especially at the ‘Meet The President’ event, the controversial actress was quoted as saying she ‘can die for PDP.’

She was then rebuked for that statement and called some unprintable names.

Speaking on APC’s victory at the poll on Saturday, Toyin said, “been Arsenal fans for a very long time and even without many victories, you still support them, so I urge you all to view this as one of those matches, people lose, they get hurt and eventually get over it and move on… I congratulate APC and I believe in one Nigeria….. despite your abuses and insults (orubebeism) please stay out of trouble and violence no politician is worth our blood… love you all.”

But some of her fans vented their anger on her. Here are some of the comments.

lacremebebe: @aimakhutoyin sho ro niyen? Please as you can ku ni to ri Jonathan, you should follow him to his village o. Others followed him with brain but you too over do gan ni. Ti e po.

olori_agnes: Stick to your movies. Guys forgive her. She has learnt her lesson.

alabiademola716: Hello madam, if you look around those of you being used by Jonathan, you were one of those who are actually at the prime of their carriers… Am not here to abuse you But we all know why guys did it: though it your right to choose who to support .But that act is damn to expensive in a country like ours. my advice: the more you try to calm and talk to people about this,the more abuses they rain on you. just keep calm and lay low for a while. And. don’t compare Nigerian democracy to a game of football: football is an entertainment as far as most people are concerned. Democracy is part of our life now and very important. If you really understand what has happened to our economy. Thanks and stay cool.

femiphilip1: I felt disappointed when u opened your gat dem gutter to make such proclaiment.. That u can die for GEJ & PDP .. I felt stabbed from the front head not the back… I can’t comprehend why you at of all people… Well o believe u will be thinking deeply now before jumping to make decisions now..

christie_yeetie: As a public figure u need to remain neutral and use maturity in cases like this. You still have a long way to go don’t spoil it and like JEGA said let’s always mind what we say and what we do.

anikshire: Keep quiet! You are a coward.

dopelikecrack: In your face. The joke is on you now. After collecting money and end of supporting Gej. You’re not a true oodua

anikshire: Shame on everyone of you, you sold your birth right, may God punish u and ur household,hope u won’t finish spending the money, remember u never worked for it.

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