Meet The Nigerian Kardashians: Adanma Indimi And Family Sizzle In New Family Pictures


By Ayeotan Shola

The Indimi Sisters – Could easily pass as our own  better version of the Popular Kardashian Family, just with less controversy around them as they are rarely even talked about.

If you are a follower of either of the sisters, you would notice the same thing; that they are a closely knitted pack who do almost everything together.

They are the daughters of the Energy and Petroleum Mogul, Alhaji Dr. Mohammed Indimi.

Their mother, Samira who is also part of this lovely plot is of Chadian and Swiss roots, which makes the  girls look really sophisticated given the fact that they have three Nationalities they could lay claim to.

In This lovely array of beauties called a photo shoot, you can see the girls and their mother (in the center) glowing with rarely seen skin tone  (At least in Nigeria, given our harsh weather).

The curly-haired Indimi sisters – Adama, Meram and Mairama Indimi and mum, Samira, wore white tops and denim pants for their shoot.

Adama – who is also rumored to be D’banj’s lover –is the popular part of the family.

She’s currently the CEO of a top Travel Agency in Abuja, And also the Director of an NGO called the Grass-root Mobilizers for Muhammadu Buhari.

She has also been in the Spotlight lately for her Modelling  – Most notable with her #IfIWereAPresident Themed birthday pictures.

See the photo shoot below.

Adama-Indimi-2 Adama-Indimi Meram-Maraima-and-Adama-Indimi Samira-Indimi indimi


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