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By Olaniyi Oluwaseun

Drawing on your eyebrows is a very quick and easy way to add definition to brows or replace missing brows, you will develop the ability to give beauty to the face so its important they’re just right for you.

Did you have an accident and lose an eyebrow? Perhaps your eyebrows are hard to see perfectly.The eyebrow style takes time. This tutorial will teach you methods on how to define natural looking eyebrows

  • Step 1

Choose an eyeliner or brow pencil in a color close to your natural hair color or color that add more beauty to your face.

  • Step 2

Mark the inside edge of your brow. Hold the pencil vertically and make a line up at the inside edge of your eye to the outside part of your nose. Place a dot on that line on your brow bone. This is where your eyebrow will start.

  • Step 3

Give another mark outside the edge of your brow. Hold the pencil on a slant to line up the outside corner of your eyebrow to the outside of your nose. Place a dot on that line on your brow bone and this is where your eyebrow will end.

  • Step 4

Mark your arch. Hold the pencil and line up the middle of your pupil with the outside of your nose. Place a dot on that line on your brow bone. This will be the highest part of the arch in your eyebrow, or you can do a less arched, straighter brow if you prefer..

  • Step 5

Create an outline. Using the dots, lightly outline and give it a shape that your eyebrow will take.

  • Step 6

Fill in the brow. Using tiny, feathery lines, fill in your eyebrows by making use of the pencil in a thicker way. Using many tiny lines will result in a more natural look if drawing on completely, and give a fuller look and adding to your beauty with simply darkening or defining brows.

  • Step 7


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